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Marion's Joan Hall Hovey Site

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About The Author

"The novelist is a shaman who is ... offering his experience for the use of the rest of the tribe." Russell Hoban


Hi Folks:

Thanks for visiting this site. I am an avid reader whose children have grown up. I have been an admirer of Ms. Hall Hovey for many years - since I picked up a copy of LISTEN TO THE SHADOWS when it was first published. Since that time I have followed Ms Hall Hovey's career with great interest, always delighted by her many articles and short stories, as well as by her books. My favourite book to date is NOWHERE TO HIDE, a compelling page-turner, in which I felt I came to know her characters intimately.

I have managed also to see Ms. hall Hovey perfoming on stage in a couple of plays. It is my shared opinion that Hall is every bit as good an actor as she is writer.


(The Author in a Scene from Arsenic and Old Lace staged at The Imperial Theatre.)

I have even caught Ms. Hall Hovey on CBC radio reading excerpts from her books/articles/stories. In this medium, it was clear that the combined forces of the writer meeting the actor resulted in a powerful impact, which highlighted marvellously the successful combination of 2 of Ms. Hall Hovey's very signifant talents. What seems to precede her in all her work is her marvellous imagination and story-telling ability, always in synchrony with her deep intuitive understanding of the human emotion/condition. I also love her humor - very infectious. Finally, Joan Hall Hovey seems to me to be a real good person, with flair but sensitive and no-nonsense in her hard-working dedication to her craft and to the truth which she seeks there.

Now you know the reasons why I have decided to devout this site to this special and talented lady. I really hope that you enjoy the site, but more importantly that you get to know this wonderful writer better through her books. Drop me a note and let me know what you think. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Marion Rand


Joan Hall Hovey