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Suspense at its Best! NOWHERE TO HIDE by Joan Hall Hovey



"...Not since Silence of the Lambs have I slept with my lights on. Buy it! Read it! (But not in a house by yourself)." JD Masters

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Nowhere to Hide
by Joan Hall Hovey

Available at most online bookstores or by special order at a bookstore new you.


It was nice to be alone. As she brushed her hair, Gail launched into her favorite fantasy buying her sister a white Ferrari. Ellens birthday was coming up in May; she'd have the car delivered right up to her door, a big red bow tied on the antenna ... dream on, girl she told herself, grinning at her reflection in the mirror.

Tiger padded into the room just then, winding his sleek, warm body around her bare ankles, purring like an old washing machine.

I owe her so much, Tiger, Gail said, reaching down to stroke the cat's soft, glossy fur. If it wasn't for...

Suddenly, Tigers back arched under her hand and he hissed. Gail's heart leapt in her breast and her hand drew back as if burned. "What the...?" But Tiger, fur standing on end, had already fled the room. Gail turned in her chair just in time to see his electrified, retreating tail...

Then she caught a movement from the corner of her eye. Turning, she froze at the sight of the closet door slowly opening.

WOW! WOW! WOW! I can see why this book won the 2001 Eppie Award for best suspense. It scared the pa-jeevers out of me and that's not easy to do. I wouldn't recommend that anyone read this book in a house by themselves but I would recommend they read it.

For one thing, if you think the only thing that lurks in your walls is an occasional cock roach, think again. Ms. Hovey's writing style is fast paced. How fast? Probably faster than your heart beat LOL. I know it was certainly faster than mine. Her characters are believable (too believable) and her plot well developed. Not since Silence of the Lambs have I slept with my lights on. Buy it! Read it! (But not in a house by yourself).

JD Masters

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